Pages vs Profiles..What it means and why it matters

— Pages vs Profiles

When putting together this site, I wanted to include popular social sharing things. And I believe that most of you can see those on each blog post. Unless you have AdBlock enabled. I also want to include my Twitter feed and Facebook feed. The Twitter feed went off without a hitch. Easy to add and get working. But the Facebook feed, … well that was another story. You see I have a regular page which most people have. It has over 2500 hard earned friends, and I think I have met almost every one of them! But I also have a performer page. It only has 405 (as of this writing) followers. And wouldn’t you know it, the Facebook feed cannot show my regular profile. It is limited to showing only my performer page. While basically they are both the same, Facebook sees them both differently. Pages and profiles. This really bums me out. As the 2500+ friends certainly carries more cachet than 405. So, if you are friends with me on my personal page, please pop on over to my performer page and give it a like too. Here is the link to it:

Thank you all for your help!

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