Houndini: Dog Magician

In 2011 I got a phone call from The Cartoon Network. The wanted to create some bumper segments (mini-commercials) to run between shows. They had an idea for a dog to do magic. So I met with there creative team and pitched some ideas to which they were very receptive. The idea was that I would be under a connected to a dog at my back. Only my arms and hands would be visible above the table top. Right away I knew the magic had to be simple and quick. As my movements in this position were very limited and each segment was only about 15 seconds long.

For the spots we adapted some usual magic plots and apparatus and add a ‘dog twist’ to them. Things like cups and balls with dog biscuits, the floating dog biscuit, linking dog collars and we even produced a puppy from an empty box. We shot 4 or 5 segments in a single day. On the last segment, (the one on this page), the director said to give the dog the big bone at the end. As you can see in the video, I did. What you don’t see, is the dog gobbling it all up in a matter of seconds while I am still attached to him. The director yells cut, and before I could get out, the dog upchucks all down my head! GROSS!

The first 4 segments proved so popular that we shot 6 more a few months later.


July 8, 2014